A F A G-Desinfecções e Químicos Lda, Pest Control and Extermination



They are very small, about 0.5 mm long. They prefer warm, moist conditions. Are very common in beds, carpets and other furnishings in soft materials.

Dust mites are associated with the following health problems: rhinitis, asthma and eczema.


Ticks are parasites affecting humans and domestic animals, they feed on blood. Are considered ectoparasites.


Ants are insects that act as vectors of fungal infections in hospitals and homes.

Flies and Mosquitoes

Flies and Mosquitoes constitute a group of great interest and importance, either from a strict biological point of view, either from the point of view of the veterinary surgeon.

There are flies which act as pollinators, as decomposers of organic matter as food source for various animals or as biological controllers (butterflies parasite larvae and / or beetles), and are very useful for research in the field of genetics.
From the viewpoint of a veterinary surgeon, the importance lies in the fact that the flies could be vectors of mechanical pathogens, biological vectors of diseases due to blood feeding habits and some species can cause direct disease (myiasis: = myie fly; disease=ase .)

Silver Minnow or Moth

The Silver Minnow or book Moth is an insect that feeds on substances rich in protein, sugar or starch.


Fleas are arthropods that feed on blood, can cause serious skin inflammation (dermatitis) and allergic reactions.