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Cockroach control - Homes (Houses) and Companies

Without rain we have to fight plagues.

They bring problems too obvious for your HEALTH and the ENVIRONMENT.

The infectious agents that pests carry inside your residence or company make it essential to use effective methods of prevention, protection and disposal.

Effective cleaning and disinfection are essential activities for hygiene and safety.

In most cases, they are also an essential factor in the prevention strategy.
Preserve your health and the environment! ..
We are company specialized in Disinfection.

The products we use are effective within the HACCP principles, approved by the General Direction of Health, ensuring the most diverse types and degrees of disinfestation.

We have solutions:

- Disinfection of spaces and surfaces (ex. mites)
- Rat Control (rats)
- Roach Control (roaches)
- Extermination (rastejantes e voadores)
- Safety and health

Choose AFAG - Disinfections

Health and safety is not only a way of life - work with us also brings health and safety benefits to many of our customers. The risks of pests and diseases associated are subsided, the potentially dangerous damages are eliminated.
Working with us can also improve the culture of health and safety in your home or business.
The procedures of our service technicians are always executed in accordance with the highest standards.

Pests are simply wildlife in the wrong places. In the forest, termites are beneficial. In your home, they are a plague!
Preservation and protection of the environment
Company licensed and authorized within the principles of HACCP to ensure through its technical equipment and products (approved by the General Direction of Health) the various types and degrees of disinfestation.

- Free budgets
- Anual warranty
- Credentials
- Technical files
- Location plant of products to be used
- Assistance / monitoring when necessary.

Cockroach control - Disinfection



Cockroaches are primarily responsible for the existence of pest control companies.

They are also the major concern of controlling pests, since they are very resistant to insecticides and have a high reproduction rate.

The most common cockroaches are the kitchen cockroaches (Blattella germanica) and the sewer cockroaches (Periplaneta americana). They are responsible for the transmission of some disease-causing microorganisms.

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