Pest Control, Decaractization, Pest Control throughout the Algarve


AFAG History

In May 1982, opened in Fábrica Street in Portimão, as an individual name (Florivaldo Afonso Gonçalves), the company FAG-Disinfection and Chemicals, in June 1993, ten years passed, due to its good image and big implementation, a societey by quotes was formed, starting to be called AFAG - Disinfection and Chemicals Lda, now located at Lot 10 Praceta Fernando Pessoa - Shop 2 - 8500-456 Portimão. In addition to being an established firm with enormous experience and 30 years experience, we can say and affirm that we feel proud and fulfilled by the work developed, always in search of excellent service. The safety and hygiene of people and animals, protection of the environment is and will always be our first and major concern.

Innovation-Update-Availability-Competence and Training is the motto of AFAG.


A.F.A.G. - Disinfection and Chemicals

A.F.A.G. - Disinfection and Chemicals Lda, facilities and Permit as required by law, sensitized to defend and preserve the Environment, is authorized and within the principles of HACCP to ensure and implement, through its technicals, proper techniques and updated equipment, various types and degree of infestation.

In the treatments there were only applied products required and approved by D.G.S., O. M.S. and M.A.
We have solutions:
- Disinfection of surfaces and spaces (eg mites).
- Rodent control (rats).
- Roach control (cockroaches).
- Extermination (crawling and flying).

Health and safety

Health and safety is not only a lifestyle – work with us also brings health and safety benefits to many of our customers. The risks of pests and diseases _ associated are subsided, the potentially dangerous damages are eliminated.

Working with us can also improve the culture of health and safety in your home or business.
The procedures of our service technicians are always executed in accordance with the highest standards.

Pests are simply wildlife in the wrong places. In the forest, termites are beneficial. In your home, they are a plague!

Quality, Efficiency, Safety and Warranty

If You Wish For Your Company A Service Of Quality, Efficency, Safety And Guaranty, A.f.a.g. Disinfecting And Chemicals L.d.a. As A Prestigious And Reputable Company Lies In These Lines
-- a) We have specialized people.
-- b) Updated designed equipment to defend the environment.
-- c) Products "plant protection", approved by DGS and O. M. S

-- Assistance, technicians, products, equipment and a sense of responsibility, are a guarantee.
3rd - SAFETY
-- In addition to products properly suitable and because we always consider as a priority people, animals and the environment, it is well explained and supplied technical information in accordance with the type of service to be provided.

-- Anual Warranty.
-- Control to be arranged with he client.
-- Free budgets (windward zone).
H. A. C. C. P.
Hazar Analysis Critical Control Point
Are you unprotected?
A friendly advice!
Implement HACCP.

Equipment And Paper

-- Cleaning cars
-- Air Fresheners
-- Dispenser / insecticide
-- Ashtrays
-- Toilet paper individ.
-- Industrial Paper (roll)
-- Wipes
-- Towel - hands
-- Soaps
-- Roll carriers (toilet paper)
-- And others

Maintenance Products


-- Dishes Detergent
-- Dish washer Detergent
-- Acrilic wax
-- Acids

-- Multipurposes
-- Degreasers

-- And others


Disinfection, Pest Control, Rat Control and Cockroach Control


Pest – Control Disinfecting Pest Control




Desinfecções, Desinfestações, Desratização e Desbaratizações


Pest – Control Disinfecting Pest Control


Rat Extermination


Roach Extermination


And Others